Logistics and Warehousing

Logistics and Warehousing

Logistics and Warehousing

Warehouses constitute a demanding work environment, where customer satisfaction and company turnover depend on the reliability of devices enabling efficient and timely task execution. The logistics industry is characterized by dynamic work around the clock in challenging conditions, making the durability and quality of equipment play a crucial role.

Proposed rugged tablets are resistant to falls from heights up to 180 cm, withstand shocks, vibrations, and offer waterproofing up to IP66. The wide operating temperature range also allows the use of these rugged tablets in cold storage environments.

Industrial tablets, with their mobility, durability, and a wide range of integrated accessories, can also serve as an alternative to traditional handheld collectors. Integrated barcode scanners and/or RFID readers (including UHF RFID) not only facilitate data entry but also provide live monitoring and potential editing.

Traditional terminals mounted on forklifts were large, heavy devices fixed permanently on a specific vehicle. Tablets available in our offer take a different approach. Our dedicated docking stations provide device charging, port replication, and, in a special version, connection to an external antenna strengthening GPS, LTE, and WLAN signal reception. However, there is no obstacle to disconnecting the tablet from the docking station if needed and taking it to a place, otherwise inacessible to a vehicle.

Assisted Reality in Warehouse Logistics

Realwear Navigator 500 and VUZIX products are voice-controlled computers designed to be worn on the head, offering entirely new possibilities. The operator can have their terminal right in front of their eyes. The device weighs little, requires no hands for operation, and when properly positioned, does not restrict the field of vision. Acting as a personal assistant that is always there when needed.

Warehouse work optimization using VUZIX M400:

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