Thermal camera module for RealWear Navigator 500

Manufacturer: RealWear
Thermal camera operated with voice commands
  • Thermal Camera Module dedicated for wearable computer RealWear Navigator 500
  • Operation with voice commands and possibility to choose standard 48 MP camera
  • Radiometric pictures can be saved in RealWear Navigator 500
  • Compatibility with FLIR
  • Dedicated to outside work, in difficult weather conditions
  • 2 meters drop resistance
  • Dedicated to construction diagnostics, electrical and machine inspections
  • It reduce downtimes and allowed frontline workers to do the inspection


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Technical Specification

  • Thermal Camera Technical Data

Thermal Sensor: FLIR Lepton® 3.5

Thermal Resolution: 160 x 120

Effective Frame Rate: 8.7Hz


57º (H), nominal

71º (D), nominal

Object Temperature Range: -20 to 400º C

Thermal Sensitivity (NETD): <50mK

Spectral Range: 8 to 14µm


High Gain Mode: Greater of +/- 5° C or 5% (typical)
Low Gain Mode: Greater of +/- 10° C or 10% (typical)

Visual Camera

Sensor: 48MP Sensor

Still Image: Up to 12MP

Video: Up to 1080p, 60fps



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