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Public Safety

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Currently, the onboard computer doesn't have to be a permanently installed device in a patrol car. There's nothing stopping the police officer's terminal from being enclosed in a rugged tablet or notebook, which can be easily taken out of the docking station and used freely at the scene or simply taken back to the station after duty, just like a personal computer.

The offered devices are resistant to falls from a height of up to 180 cm (depending on the model), shocks, vibrations, with even IP66 enclosure ratings. Additionally, screens with brightness up to 1200 nits make it easy to read information even in intense lighting, allowing them to be used outdoors in adverse weather conditions.

In situations where fully rugged laptops, such as Durabook Z14I and Getac X600, may be too heavy, tablets are a lightweight alternative. Their advantage lies not only in their lightness and portability but also in the possibility of equipping them with integrated barcode scanners, allowing for scanning of registration certificates or ID cards. This enables police officers to effectively use mobile solutions, adapting to various working conditions.

There's nothing preventing multiple users from using the device as we have a variety of user authorization options to choose from:

- fingerprint readers
- chip card readers
- Windows Hello Cam technology

Both manufacturers offer a 36-month warranty for mechanical damage, although in the case of the Durabook brand, this is a non-standard option that requires an additional payment. In both cases, the warranty period can be extended up to 60 months.

Accessories that enable convenient work in the patrol car are also essential for this application. The available dedicated docking stations provide device charging, port replication, and, in a special version, connection to an external antenna to enhance GPS, LTE, and WLAN signal reception.



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