Durabook ruggedized computers offered by Elmark Automation

Marek Ołdakowski
18.01.2023 Durabook
Durabook ruggedized computers offered by Elmark Automation

Elmark Automation became official distributor of Durabook  

The beginning of 2023 brought a significant expansion of the portfolio of reinforced computers in our offer. After many years of effective cooperation, it was a natural step - as of January 18 we formally covered Poland and selected Central European countries with the distribution.  

The brand's history dates back to the early 2000s when Twinhead International Corporation created its first ruggedized military-grade laptop. It turned out to be a success on such a scale that in just two years Durabook became a separate brand, winning the trust of customers around the world.   

The reinforced design and compliance with strict durability standards (MIL-STD-810H, MIL-STD-461G, ANSI 12.12.01 C1D2 and IP protection rating) make the solutions applicable in the sectors:  

  • military,  
  • industrial,  
  • petroleum,  
  • medical,  
  • logistics,  
  • municipal,  
  • automotive,  
  • and wherever extreme reliability is important.  

At the same time, the manufacturer's differentiator from the competition is the compact and lightweight design of its laptops and tablets. In this category, Durabook is the unmatched leader worldwide. Another distinctive feature of the solutions is their modular design, providing enormous opportunities for the personalization of the device.   

Let's give the floor to Marek Oldakowski, head of the Rugged Experts team and board member at Elmark Automation.  

The presence of ruggedized Durabook laptops and tablets in the Elmark Automation’s portfolio is a great reason for us to be happy. The manufacturer's solutions have long had a reputation for being reliable and refined to the smallest detail. This is accompanied by the loyalty of customers (both private and from many public sectors) around the world.  


 For us, as specialists focused on building a strictly selected offer, Durabook laptops and tablets are the perfect complement to it. We are not alone in this opinion - the first positive reactions of our customers confirm it.  

From our own, distributor side, we can guarantee to meet all the standards of service to which we have accustomed customers for years.  

These standards include:  

- abundant inventory and guaranteed off-the-shelf availability of products,  

- shipping within 24 hours,  

- professional advice in accordance with the VAD (Value Added Distributor) philosophy,  

- a wide range of demo equipment.  

Durabook is a wide range of products, but also the aforementioned ability to configure the device of your choice. If you'd like to customize a laptop or tablet exactly for your specific tasks, we're happy to help. Rugged and fully rugged computers are a segment that we have been following on a regular basis for more than a dozen years.  

I will be happy to answer all your questions.