While at first glance it may seem that the main goal of manufacturing plants is solely production, practice shows that people and machines are just one side of the coin. During a tour of the facility, we often observe employees reviewing extensive documentation, analyzing complex diagrams, filling out paper forms, checklists, and various other documents. Is it worth considering the digitization of these procedures? Especially since Ctrl+F still proves to be a more effective search tool than traditional browsing of a table of contents or an index.

Industrial plants are increasingly embracing the concept of Industry 4.0, utilizing IoT technologies and sensors to collect and process data. This provides real-time information about the operation of the plant, enabling workflow optimization.

We offer a full range of laptops and tablets adapted for work in demanding industrial conditions. Our rugged devices are resistant to falls from heights up to 180 cm and offer protection against water damage. The wide operating temperature range allows their use in various environments, including cold storage and foundries.

Boost Facility Efficiency with the Realwear Navigator 520 Head-Mounted Tablet

How to avoid downtime, increase employee productivity, and expedite the learning process? Every employer grapples with these questions. The solution to these challenges lies in the Realwear Navigator - the first voice-controlled computer designed to be worn on the head. Its main function is to enable remote connection with an expert, allowing live audio and video transmission. This enables operators to be guided from a distance, saving time and facilitating rapid diagnostics in extensive manufacturing facilities.

Another application is the ability to develop digital workstation instructions, guiding employees step by step through each stage of assembly while keeping their hands free.

How much time can this save?

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