Defence Sector

Equipment dedicated to applications related to the defence industry must ensure unquestionable durability. The lives of people and the security of the country depend on its reliability. Military equipment stands out not only for its efficiency but also for its configurability. In this category, powerful military laptops, such as Durabook Z14I and Getac X600, stand out, holding certifications for MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461G. They offer not only lasting resistance to military conditions but also up to IP66 enclosure rating. Both manufacturers offer various product variants and accessories meeting the highest military standards for safety and durability.


Military Laptops Durabook Z14I / Getac X600




Armoured Tablets for the Military

Computers dedicated to the military are not only heavy workstations but also lightweight and super-efficient armoured tablets with wide customization options for the user's needs. Regardless of performance parameters, durability remains crucial. Resistance to drops of up to 180 cm confirmed by MIL-STD-810 certification and IP65-rated enclosure allows stress-free use of devices outdoors in a wide range of temperatures (from -29 to 60 degrees Celsius).

In this case, not only the selection of classic parameters such as processor, memory, and disk is possible but also the decision about the presence of components such as GPS modules, LTE, NFC, or fingerprint and smart card readers ensuring data security.

We offer dedicated docking stations providing device charging, port replication, and, in a special version, connection of an external antenna to enhance the reception of GPS, LTE, and WLAN signals. Among other accessories are battery chargers, hand straps, or harnesses allowing the device to be held in a working position without the help of hands.

Military tablets can also be equipped with a dedicated active stylus (digitizer), allowing easy operation even in the heaviest rain. One of the more popular uses of reinforced tablets in the defence industry is their use in mobile drone control and monitoring stations.


Portable Computers / Servers

Portable workstations from Acme Portable offer ready solutions for command, communication, intelligence, and surveillance systems. There are also units dedicated to conducting virtual training (simulators) in the offer. Portable computers are based on efficient Intel Core and Xeon processors. Solutions with one, two, or three screens of different diagonals (FHD or 4K resolution) are available. Computers allow the installation of multiple PCI cards and multiple HDD / SSD drives. Systems dedicated to the military are made according to MIL-STD specifications. Acme computers are available on demand.





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