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Fuel Industry - ATEX Devices

The primary requirement in the oil & gas industry is the compliance of devices with the ATEX directive, allowing the use of a specific device in an explosive hazard zone.

In our offer, we have devices from group II, designed for operation in areas at risk of explosion of gases, vapors, and mists (excluding work in mines).

For less demanding environments, we offer versions of the most popular tablets in our range (Getac F110, Getac T800, Getac K120, Getac UX10) in the EX versions, meeting the requirements for devices in category 2GD – Zone 2/22. More information about their specifications can be found on our dedicated product pages. Versions of tablets meeting ATEX requirements are labeled EX next to the product symbol.


Navigator Z1: Wearable Tablet for Hazardous Areas

Designed for the fuel industry, the Realwear Navigator Z1 is a voice-controlled tablet designed to be worn on the head. The device is resistant to water and dust, capable of withstanding falls, and certified to operate in explosive atmospheres in ATEX Zone 1 hazardous areas. The device enables convenient documentation of work, document browsing, and, with the appropriate software, remote technical support, inspections, step-by-step instructions, and visualization of IIoT data.




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