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A computer for car diagnostics must meet several key conditions to function effectively in challenging workshop conditions. The main factors to consider include extreme contamination, the possibility of liquid spills, falls/shocks, and low temperatures. A standard consumer laptop would not meet these requirements – it would require special care from the user and still would not guarantee full protection against damage. Therefore, the most suitable for such conditions are rugged-class computers, with two basic categories:

Semi Rugged

- Designed for both indoor and outdoor use

- Sealed housing at IP53 level, providing protection against dust and light precipitation, but not guaranteeing full resistance to heavy rain.

Fully Rugged

- Designed for work both indoors and outdoors, regardless of weather conditions.

- Full enclosure tightness at IP66 level, meaning complete resistance to dust and effective protection against intense rain.

Rugged-class computers are designed from scratch to meet the requirements of work in extreme conditions. They are used in various sectors, such as industry, uniformed services, or even the military, where the reliability and durability of equipment are crucial.

For a typical workshop, a semi-rugged laptop is sufficient, and in this category, the Durabook S14I and Getac S410 models are highly recommended. These industrial computers feature a reinforced construction, resistance to falls from a height of 90 cm and vibrations. Their housing is sealed at IP53 level, providing protection against dust, and the I/O ports are protected by flaps. The matte surface of the screen eliminates reflections, and the laptops can work seamlessly even at temperatures as low as -21°C. An additional advantage of these rugged laptops is the standard RS-232 port, still used in diagnostics.

For field diagnostics, a fully rugged-class computer is a better choice. Devices in this category are characterized by higher resistance to mechanical damage, can withstand falls from heights of 1.5 or 1.8 m, and have a completely sealed enclosure, even at IP66 class, allowing work even in the rain. The screens are equipped with high brightness, improving work comfort on sunny days. In this category of devices, customers can choose between laptops and tablets. It is worth noting that tablets can optionally be equipped with an RS-232 port.

It should be noted that all the solutions discussed offer comfortable work in terms of performance, mainly based on Intel i5/i7 eighth-generation processors. They are equipped with fast SSD drives and an adequate amount of RAM.

Remote Assistance for Technicians

Designed for technicians working in both workshops and the field is the Realwear Navigator: a voice-controlled computer designed to be worn on the head.

With a built-in camera and micro-display located right in front of the operator's eye, it is possible to transmit live sound and image to an expert in any remote location. The latter gains the ability to guide the operator's movements as if standing right next to him.

RealWear computers have already been appreciated by companies such as BMW, Volkswagen, or the PSA Group.


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