Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Tablets for Ambulances

The creation of the Polish Command Support System for National Emergency Medical Services (SWD PRM) has created the need to equip ambulances with reliable tablets for its operation and crew navigation to the incident location. The criteria for the device are clear. The device must be resistant to falls, shocks, vibrations, extreme temperatures, and have a large, yet impact-resistant screen with high brightness.

In this situation, solutions from the manufacturers Durabook and Getac emerge as a natural choice. Drawing from experience in the medical rescue industry, Durabook significantly improved the new generation of industrial tablets. Meanwhile, the reinforced computers from Getac prove themselves even in the toughest battlefield conditions, making them suitable for use in ambulances as well. Rugged tablets like Durabook R11 and Getac F110 are characterized by IP66 enclosure levels and a screen diagonal of 11.6” with brightness up to 1000 nits, making them suitable for all weather conditions.

Essential for this application are accessories that enable comfortable work for the paramedics. The available dedicated docking stations provide device charging, port replication, and, in a special version, connection to an external antenna to enhance reception of GPS, LTE, and WLAN signals.

36-month Warranty, Including Mechanical Damage:

Both manufacturers offer a 36-month warranty for mechanical damage, although in the case of the Durabook brand, this is a non-standard option that requires an additional payment. In both cases, the warranty period can be extended up to 60 months.


Remote Support for Paramedics

Realwear Navigator, a touchless voice-controlled tablet, offers paramedics entirely new possibilities. The operator can connect with a specialized doctor even from the accident site, without using hands and without interrupting rescue activities. Thanks to live image and sound transmission, immediate assistance can be obtained in situations beyond the operator's knowledge or qualifications.

The device can also be used to inspect the ambulance or its equipment using previously prepared voice-command-filled digital forms. Similar forms can be used to conduct an interview and send it to the hospital even before delivering the patient.



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