Durabook S15: Rugged PC Review takes a look at the new version of the popular 15

Mateusz Kozłowski
08.02.2024 Durabook
Durabook S15: Rugged PC Review takes a look at the new version of the popular 15

Durabook S15: Rugged PC Review takes a look at the new version of the popular 15

Soon we will have the opportunity to independently test the new Durabook S15 and present our own observations to you. Nevertheless, it is also worth examining what Conrad H. Blickenstorfer from "Rugged PC Review" had to say about this new model. The author quickly points out the affordable price and increased performance compared to the previous generation, partly due to the Intel Alder Lake 12th generation processors. However, what else can we learn about the new Durabook S15?

Design, appearance, and impressions of the new industrial notebook

The reviewer praises the new model for its exceptional portability, considering its size as a semi-rugged laptop. A key feature of this model is the integrated handle, which facilitates carrying the rugged laptop. Transport safety and resistance to falls from a height of 120 cm are ensured by a sturdy housing made of aluminium and magnesium alloy, providing an excellent weight-to-strength ratio (2.6 kg). Numerous ports are protected by hinged covers, and the sealed construction ensures resistance to dust and splashes. Although the Durabook S15 looks like its predecessors from the outside, upon closer inspection, Mr. Conrad notices changes in the layout of components on the motherboard, which seems to improve the overall quality of the product. After conducting a thermal camera test, he observes that the cooling system operates efficiently, not exceeding 51 degrees at the hottest spot. According to the author, the device's build quality is high while maintaining an affordable price. Based on our experience with the Durabook S15AB and its mobility, we can wholeheartedly agree. The integrated handle has always been a plus for this model, and the increased durability of the S15, while maintaining the same weight and high build quality, is impressive and bodes well for fans of this semi-rugged laptop line.

Semi-rugged tablet: Specifications

Compared to its predecessor, the Durabook S15 also features a numeric keypad. According to the editorial team, the keyboard is comfortable to use, and the characters on it are clear and visible even at night thanks to optional LED backlighting. The author also notes an improvement in the usability of the new touchpad, due to its glove-friendly operation. This is particularly valuable information for users who work in protective gloves in places such as workshops or warehouses. Intel Alder Lake processors allow for increased computer performance without reducing battery life, which, with efficient consumption, can last up to 13 hours. This is crucial for working and carrying the laptop without the need to charge it during work. The quality and brightness of the 1000-nit screen have been positively evaluated, which is crucial as they are important for working in intense sunlight. According to us, this technology worked great in the previous version of this model, and we can't wait to see how it performs in combination with the newer display.

Industrial laptop Durabook S15: Summary

The Durabook S15 is an exceptional and economical solution in the semi-rugged class, thanks to its larger 15.6-inch display compared to competitors, providing comfortable work in various conditions. The durability of this model against shocks, vibrations, and drops from 1.2m is confirmed by MIL-STD-810H certification, and its dust and splash resistance are at the IP5X level. High build quality and an affordable price make it a great choice for those looking for rugged laptops that won't undergo as rigorous tests as fully-rugged products. While awaiting our own review, we encourage you to read Mr. Conrad H. Blickenstorfer's full article for Rugged PC Review on the Durabook S15, in which he thoroughly discusses all the functionalities of this laptop and excellently explains the differences between the new S15 and previous models.

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